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Various Designs and Technical Data by General Joseph Caesar Padrón


Gen. Padron, Joseph C.:
This forum will not let me send photos of my designs.

Try again please, I might have not give the forums enough room!

Gen. Padron, Joseph C.:
Second attempt, one photo.


Class: Nemesis

Armament Rating: 6 (Dreadnought)

Troop Capacity: 2000 (not including required onboard security personal)

Fighter Cap.: 100

Bomber Cap.: 25

Dropship/shuttle Cap.: 20

Anti-fighter Turrets: 123

Heavy Capital Turrets: 103

Length: 4000 ft.

Width: 1000 ft.

Girth: 736. 8421053 Ft

Wow thats nice!!!

Gen. Padron, Joseph C.:
The drawing is actually missing a few things.

A few control thrusters are missing at the rear.

Yaw thrusters and latitude thrusters.

I forgot to add them years ago.


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