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Hello and welcome to GBeeGames.  We setup these forums to help communicate with our customers.   We welcome your suggestions and input and promise to work hard to resolve any issues that arise.


Gen. Padron, Joseph C.:
Thank you Greg, “Stellargate”, ;), top down craft will be posted in Stellar Trek discussion. I have found a lot already. However, I think you should open a private forum named, “Stellar Trek II”. That way we can send these images a little more confidentially. I may be sending some of my own design, and I want them to be used exclusively for “STII”. It is a free game, and everyone whom downloads it will eventually see them, if you decide to use my designs, but they are still my intellectual property, and I do not desire anyone else using them, for anything. So, it would be prudent to have such a forum. I have attached a sample ship of the many that I found already, let me know if you found duplicates?The rest will be posted on ST forum, unless you make another forum before then.

I also wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a source of concept for your Space Simulator Titles. I assure you, I do have many more designs already drawn up. I only need to take some photos. You only need top down?

Thanks Again Greg!

Joseph Caesar Padrón  :-X ;D

Hi Joe,

I added a forum called 'Resources' that is not available to non-registered users.  I also added us to a group called 'contributors' that can only access the Resources forum.

Good idea, Greg

Gen. Padron, Joseph C.:
Exellent, sounds good. I will send what I have there.

I locked the Resource forums down to users I select.


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